①HANANINGEN KIMONO:19890円(税別)〜(お一人様)


HANANINGEN装花 写真撮影50カット以上 写真データ2カット(レタッチ加工) 

着物レンタル ヘアメイク 着付け 小物



着物レンタル グレードによって金額が変動いたします 全て税別 





Enjoy the fusion of nature and kimono by shooting in our studio or outdoor in Beppu City area.

We are pleased for everyone to experience the beauty of our land with a lot of people.



①HANANINGEN with KIMONO: 19,890 yen (per person)

※①②③Kimono rental 4980 yen〜 is not included​



Duration: approximately 2 hours

Photo: Our photographer will capture around 50 cuts, then you can choose 2 cuts that you liked the most. We will send the edited photo data to you within 2 week.


※ You can choose 1 main flower that you like for HANANINGEN, but you can't bring the flowers home

※ Free time to take pictures by your smart phone at the end of the session

※HANANINGEN can be experienced starting from 7 years old/elementary school


Kimono rental 4980 yen〜 is not included​